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DALL-E 3 magic: 13 prompts to use Bing Image Creator to create incredible images at no cost

Imagine having the ability to create an image or visual from your thoughts. Be it a unicorn shopping at a mall or a robot decked up as a Bollywood actor. Precisely, this is what Bing Image Creator with DALL-3 is capable of creating. Bing Image Creator is rapidly transforming the world of AI-generated ever since OpenAI endowed it with its most powerful creativity tool – DALL-E 3.

While Bing Image Creator has been around since March 2023, the latest version is making thousands of creators make super realistic images. To use DALL-E 3 directly, one would usually need a ChatGPT Plus or Enterprise account. However, with the latest update, Bing Image Creator lets you use DALL-E for free. All one is required to do is have a Microsoft account, which is again free. We will get to the set-up and use towards the bottom.

It is to be noted that OpenAI has begun integrating DALL-E 3 into ChatGPT. It is being gradually made available to ChatGPT Plus users as a distinct mode within the chatbot. The image generator has the ability to extend prompts in case a user provides a brief prompt.

Now that we have an insanely powerful AI image generator at our disposal, the next question is how to make the most of it. Worry not, as using DALL-E is as easy as using ChatGPT. Just that you are converting text to images through prompts. And, if you are not sure how to frame prompts, here we help you with some of the coolest prompts that can accelerate your creativity.

Make your own movie poster

VIDEO: Ultimate Guide to Bing AI with DallE 3 Image Generator
Kevin Stratvert

This could be a boon for many film buffs out there, as creating one’s own movie poster offers them the opportunity to showcase their creativity. With digital tools such as DALL-E 3, anyone can craft captivating visuals and share their cinematic vision with the world.

Festive offer

Sample prompt: Create a movie poster for a [genre e.g., horror, ‘sci-fi’] film titled [specific title e.g., ‘Guardians of the Silver Fort’].

A unique book cover

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Perhaps, the most notable aspect of a book, before it’s even read is its cover. It’s the creativity on the cover that arrests the imagination of the reader luring him to explore the treasure that lies within.

Sample prompt: Design a book cover for a [‘mystery’, ‘historic’, or any other genre] novel titled [specific title e.g., ‘The Secret Cabin].

Logo design

VIDEO: How to Use DALL.E 3 - Top Tips for Best Results

The design of a logo is crucial for any brand, as it offers a visual representation of the company and its products and services. A lot of thought and resources are pooled into crafting the perfect logo, and hence it is time-consuming and involves cost. Imagine if you could create your own logo, think of the time and cost it would save.

Sample prompt: Create a logo for a [type of business e.g., ‘book store’] named [specific name e.g., ‘Tom’s Library’].

Infographics in an instant

VIDEO: Secrets to Creating Stunning AI Images: Expert Prompts
Making the Photo: AI Edition

Infographics are taking over the world. They make complex ideas easily accessible and engage readers through visual storytelling. And, it is for this reason, that they have become a prominent part of presentations and reportage worldwide. They combine data with design making them seem a bit difficult to create. However, with DALL-E 3, anyone can create the infographic of their choice on any subject under the sun.

Sample prompt: Create an infographic about [specific topic e.g., ‘rising population based on continents’].

Fashion Designing

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When it comes to fashion designing, sketching, and doodling are integral to the design process as they allow the designer to visualise their ideas before executing them. They bridge imagination and reality. However, they are also tedious considering the number of iterations, papers, and pencils involved. DALL-E 3 presents a unique solution for designers as now they need to frame a prompt that best describes their design and let the AI tool do the drawing.

Sample prompt: Design a [type of clothing e.g., ‘black gown’] for a fashion show.

Design a building

Greenskull AI

The same use case as seen above for fashion design applies to architectural design. DALL-E 3 with Bing Image Creator can save hours and money for aspiring architects. The tool can help in creating preliminary drawings, capture inspiration, facilitate experimentation, and serve as blueprints for final creations.

Sample prompt: Create an architectural design of a [specific type of building e.g., ‘vintage house’].

Advertisement poster

VIDEO: How to Use DALL E 3 FREE Access (without ChatGPT Plus) AI Art Generator
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OpenAI’s image generator can come in handy for first-time entrepreneurs who are looking forward to developing their marketing campaigns. A catchy ad poster can do wonders for your business. With DALL-E 3, you no longer need to brainstorm for hours or spend resources on assembling a bandwagon of creative professionals. If you have an idea and the right prompt, the AI tool can be your saviour.

Sample prompt: Design an advertisement poster for a [specific product e.g., smartwatch).

Create 3D Models

VIDEO: Microsoft's Bing Image creator - beginners tutorial | New Bing AI image generator
Testing AI

When it comes to design and product development, 3D models have the ability to enhance design and offer realistic visualisations helping in streamlining a product. While most tools to create 3D models require some expertise, DALL-E 3 makes it simple for all.

Sample prompt: Create a 3D model of a [specific image e.g., ‘futuristic car’].

Colour book for children

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A colouring book is both fun and a great way to enhance a child’s creativity. Imagine if you could create one at your own convenience. DALL-E 3 lets you create unique colouring books that can not only educate children but also add to their joy.

Sample prompt: Design a colouring book page featuring [specific theme or subject e.g., a mountain with various animals].

Personalised greeting cards

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Gone are the days, when one would have to rush to the nearest gift store to fish for an appropriate greeting card. With AI, making a greeting card is now simple and easy. Father’s Day or Teachers Day, with DALL-E 3 you can make the most vibrant greeting card within a minute.

Sample prompt: Design a greeting card for [occasion e.g., Children’s Day].

Customise your tattoo

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Tattoo is more than art, it is a definitive aspect of one’s personality. And it is for this reason that people end up spending hours deciding on a tattoo that suits their persona. DALL-E3 makes it easy for one to visualise a design for their tattoo.

Sample prompt: Design a tattoo featuring [design or theme e.g., a wheel and sun in Aztec style].

Website homepage

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If you are planning to build your own website and you are out of ideas. Worry not, DALL-E 3 can be your perfect partner to help you come up with an innovative homepage for your website.

Sample prompt: Design the homepage for a [specific type of website e.g., ‘online bookstore’].

Create sticker packs

VIDEO: Dalle 3 ChatGPT Plus - Full Tutorial and Review

If the existing catalogue of sticker packs on your favourite chat app is too limiting, then Dall-E 3 can come in handy, generating entire sticker packs per your liking. All it’ll take is a simple prompt. Next, remove the background for the sticker pack you generated using an app like Clipdrop, crop each sticker out, and upload to WhatsApp using WA Sticker Maker.

Sample prompt: 10 unique, colourful stickers featuring [object] with white borders on a minimal background.

How to use Bing Image Creator

VIDEO: 🤑ENDLESS Prompts + Keywords & SEO w/ DALL·E 3 & CHAT GPT4
Philip Anders

We have just listed some incredible prompt ideas to fuel your creativity. However, if you wonder how to give it a try, then here is a step-by-step guide to using Binge Image Creator.

Sign-up: First, you need a Microsoft account. If you don’t have one, head over to account.microsoft.com and sign up, it’s free.

Access the tool: Go to bing.com and click on the Chat icon. Or, you visit bing.com/create.

Unleash your creativity: Start by typing – ‘create an image of…’ or ‘generate an image of…’ followed by your idea. For example, ‘create an image of an elephant wearing sunglasses.’ Remember, the more details you give, the better the result. One can even use terms like ‘digital art’ or ‘photorealistic’ to describe the style they want.

One also needs to be cognizant of the fact that often AI creates images with weird hands or eyes. DALL-E 3 is still figuring out how to show text properly. Regardless, it is way better than the older versions. There are also concerns about people using this tool to create fake images or violate copyrights. Microsoft is trying to make sure people use it for good.


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